29 Badass Instagrams That Will Give You Life Goals

All the ass-kicking workouts, healthy recipes, and words of motivation you need to start crushing it.

For when you want a personal trainer but can’t really afford one:


@nataliejillfit gives you all the bodyweight workouts you need to get stronger; no need to break the bank on a gym or an IRL trainer.


For when you’re trying to eat healthier without sacrificing happiness:


@lorrainepascale shares recipes for meals and snacks that are actually delicious and will get you excited about eating cleaner.


For when you need a reminder of the amazing feats your body is capable of:


@teamsomeassemblyrequired's account is filled with inspiring adaptive athletes — some have amputations or prosthetic limbs — doing amazing things, proving your body is capable of pretty impressive stuff when you push yourself.


For when you’re trying to master the art that is meal prep:


@howeweeat teaches you how to master portions and meal prep, so that eating healthy becomes convenient and enjoyable.


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Can You Keep Up With The Ruth Bader Ginsburg Workout?

The Supreme Court Justice (aka The Notorious R.B.G.) is one tough cookie.

Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

The justice starts with a five-minute warm-up on the elliptical, followed by stretching and rotational exercises. Lately, Bryant Johnson [her trainer] has had her do one-legged squats — holding on to his hands — and planks, where he does his best to knock the tiny justice down. But the signature move is one that Johnson describes as “the exercise that will actually stop you from having to have a nurse 24/7,” preventing the client from getting to “the moment you can't sit down at the toilet and get up.”

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Here’s How To Actually Get Fit When You’re A College Student

When carrying around thousands of dollars worth of textbooks isn’t enough.

So we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community and fitness experts for tips on how to start working out and stick with it when you’re pressed for time and money in college.

So we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community and fitness experts for tips on how to start working out and stick with it when you're pressed for time and money in college.

Keep in mind that everyone's fitness needs and abilities will vary, so this is by no means a complete fitness guide for every student. If you are concerned about your fitness goals, body image, or relationship with exercise, we suggest checking in with a doctor or psychologist to address your individual needs and health. OK let's get into it:

Hsinjuhsu / Getty Images / Via thinkstockphotos.com

Before you start, come up with some realistic and healthy fitness goals.


Do you want to lose weight? Build muscle? Finally be able to run more than one mile? “Go into it knowing what exactly you want to get out of working out, and why,” Erica Giovinazzo, registered dietitian and CrossFit coach in New York City, tells BuzzFeed Life. That way, she says, you're more likely to stick with it and not get frustrated or give up.

It's also important to make sure your fitness or weight loss goals are healthy. “College is a very vulnerable time, especially for young women, to get caught up in this group mindset of being very critical of their bodies,” Jessi Kneeland, certified personal trainer and fitness expert in New York City, tells BuzzFeed Life.


View working out as a positive addition to your life, not something that’s going to suck up all your free time.

View working out as a positive addition to your life, not something that's going to suck up all your free time.

If you think of it as something that's taking away from the time you could spend studying or socializing, you'll always find a reason not to do it, says Kneeland. Instead, think of it as an exciting, fun, recharging thing that makes you happy and productive and awesome. Because it can be.

Focus Features / Via proofofworkout.tumblr.com

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19 Things Only True Carb Lovers Will Understand

Does that salad come in a bread bowl?

Some people call it carbo-loading. You just call it living life.


And you know what? Life is damn good.


Your ideal salad ratio is 40% croutons and 60% of that other stuff.

Your ideal salad ratio is 40% croutons and 60% of that other stuff.

That other stuff being completely optional.

rez-art / Via Thinkstock

You’ve got 99 problems and they basically all have something to do with mac and cheese.


How much mac and cheese is healthy and acceptable to consume in a given week/day? Seriously… asking for a friend here.


There?s basically nothing you wouldn?t do for pizza.


Which could maybe turn into a real problem someday…


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43 Things That Mildly Irritate Everyone Who Goes To The Gym


Lunamarina / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

1. When you forget to bring a sweat towel and spend your whole session looking like you just took a bath.

2. When your hand touches something sticky on a machine and you don't even want to know what it is.

3. When people don't wipe their butt sweat off the machines.

4. When you forget your headphones and have to listen to all of the questionable gym music.

5. Remembering your headphones but still being able to hear the gym playlist so it becomes a terrible mashup.

6. When people try to talk to you when you have headphones in and it isn't to tell you about a fire or free ice cream.

7. Watching Storage Wars on the TV and having to leave before the end of the episode.

8. Wanting to watch Netflix on your phone on the bike without people judging.

9. Twats who loudly talk on their phone on the treadmill.

10. People who claim they're on a machine because they left their water bottle there 20 minutes ago.

11. When a machine has a squeak and you want to fix it but you'd feel weird bringing WD-40 in your gym bag.

12. Having your fitness age tested and discovering it's like 10 years older than you are, even though you did six press-ups last week.

13. Making uncomfortable eye contact with someone when you're on the hip abductor.

14. Overenthusiastic personal trainers who try to chat when you just want to work out in peace.

15. People who race to be on the front row of spin class like teacher's pets.

16. Anyone who wears really tight bike shorts outside of spin class.

17. People who work out barefoot.

18. When someone pours their gross protein shake leftovers into the water fountain.

19. Thinking a gym session will cure your hangover and then realising that this is absolutely not the case.

20. Getting to the end of an exhausting cardio workout and looking at the calories burned and realising it's equivalent to one slice of shitty pizza.

21. When someone leaves enormous weights on the bar and you almost break your arms trying to take them off.

22. People who ask if you need help.

23. People who ask if you need help when you actually do but you're too proud to say it.

24. Unsolicited training advice.

25. Starting out lifting and getting judged by huge bros for only adding 5kg weights.

26. Not being able to say “BUT THE BAR WEIGHS 10KG”.

27. Excessive grunting.

28. When the dumbbells aren't in exact weight order.

29. People who hoard all the dumbbells round their bench.

30. People who do curls in the squat rack.

31. People who deadlift and then drop it on the ground so you almost have a heart attack.

32. People who try to make eye contact with you as they lift like “hey, look how heavy this weight is, man I'm so strong”.

33. Excessive grunting.

34. Really smug couples spotting for each other.

35. People who use the mats to do some weird made-up yoga at a diagonal so they take up all the space.

36. Getting hit on while looking your absolute worst.

37. When someone hogs the mirror space taking selfies.

38. Forgetting to pick up a shower towel and having to do the awkward walk of shame back to the front desk after your workout.

39. When you've done leg day and the changing rooms are upstairs.

40. People in the changing rooms who remain naked for an uncomfortable amount of time.

41. Discovering you've forgotten a crucial item of clothing and having to spend the rest of your day wearing gross gym leggings.

42. Calculating how much every session has actually cost you when you haven't been for a while.

43. Getting to the end of your workout and realising you're going to have to do it again. Forever.

18 Weird Things Runners Are Not Embarrassed About

You’re super regular, your shorts have never been shorter, and you’ve never smelled worse. Plus, a bunch of other wonderful things.

You’re known to plan your runs around your bodily functions.

You're known to plan your runs around your bodily functions.

Which you can now schedule to the minute.

BuzzFeed Life

Your sneakers might be hideous AF, but whatever, they feel like actual clouds.

Your sneakers might be hideous AF, but whatever, they feel like actual clouds.

Category is: functional AF.


But, OK, you do have some standards.

But, OK, you do have some standards.



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18 Australian Coastal Walks To Add To Your Bucket List

Go on, take a hike.

Marion Coastal Walking Trail – Marion Coast Park, South Australia


This 7.2 kilometre trail begins at Marino Esplanade and finishes at the top of Hallett Cove Headland Reserve. Expect to cross several gullies and take note of the public art, which lines some sections of the path.


Oceanview Walk – Burleigh Head National Park, Queensland


Follow the coastline for 1.2km and you're guaranteed to see the very best beautiful Burleigh Head has to offer.


Penguin Island Boardwalk Walk Trail – Perth, Western Australia


This 1.5km loop should take you around an hour and a half to complete, depending how long you spend looking at the fairy penguins.


George Bass Coastal Walk – Phillip Island, Victoria


This 7km cliff-top path will take you around two hours each way. The trail includes some bushwalking sections so wear proper shoes.


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