How to incorporate fruit into diet?

Hello, pretty new here.

1.)My first question is: When is the best time to eat fruit? Now I know most of you will say anytime of the day because its fruit and you need it, but what I mean is when is it ideal. I’ve been eating fruit in the morning and been taking it post workout with my shakes usually. I try and get a dextrose heavy fruit to replenish glycogen levels, like bananas or blueberrys. However, I see people doing it the other way around too where they eat it preworkout for the energy boost. Can someone explain which is better, or if it doesn’t matter, and if I should be even eating fruit with my shake.

Idk if any of this matters, but heres my info:
height: 6ft 1
weight: 180lbs
currently bulking (cleanish) Forums – Nutrition

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