Please listen to my voicemail, buddy

I sent you a voicemail.. now im sending you a text message just in case your voicemail indicator wasn’t working. Please listen to your voicemail. I wanted to know if you were doing okay.. is everything okay? you seem upset. why are you upset? is it something I said? well keep up the good work.

no ****, i came to the gym not to keep up the good work.

anyone know how to stop being distracted with being distracted? Forums – Motivation

Uneven pecs- pic included

Photo in gallery of profile. Can’t put link here because haven’t posted enough.

Hi there- I know there have been a bunch of boards about uneven pecs but mine look a bit worse than those. Used to be an athlete that required lopsided development. In my chest, it is most noticeable.

This could be a newbie question but is it a bad idea to use machines to only workout the underdeveloped pec?

It’s pretty bad and I don’t know how to fix it.

PS- yes I need to drop body fat. Forums

miserable/lack of energy. how do i loose weight?

I am 25 yr old male and I have always had weight issues.
I really want to lose weight but I’m always going through this sheer lack of energy. get tired really quickly and get hungry really quickly.

cant afford a trainer, dont have anyone to motivate me, in the end it all comes down to me.
I’m just so awkward, I never walked or run the normal way, I’m afraid of misusing equipment or lifting very littler weights . Gym is very intimidating place for me and in the past I’ve noticed people laugh at me for not lifting weights the ” right ” way. I just dont understand how rest of the world does it! I really dont!

Everyone at my gym is so perfect, efficient, fit, smart. I feel like Im the only clumsy miserable fat person there. Its hard!
How do I go to the gym with the right psychological state and also develop high level of energy to exercise regularly? Forums – Motivation