Why are so many people here Anal Nazis when it comes to routines?

Im being semi srs and would like to see what makes certain people on here tick. Im not talking about beginners and doing FF, SS, ICF or any of that chit. Im more talking about the crap that comes with doing PPL splits. It seems that unless youre not on Cools PPL or Spidermans PPL or Tom Mutaffis’ split youre either overtraining, or not going hard enough. Its either too much volume or frequency. Noones satisfied anymore.

Now dont get me wrong all these splits are great and I love Cools but I dont get the problem with replacing an exercise or two for convenience or adding another set or more reps if you want. Whats with all these powerlifters being so critical in every little thing when bbers throw out a legit split and vic versa, Routines are necessary but following everything by the book and overanalyzing every little thing is just retarded imho.

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Help needed!

I need some tips and as well as browsing the internet I thought I’d throw a post up here and see if anyone here has anything for me.

I used to go to the gym everyday after college and was in decent shape, happy with myself etc. I then passed college and went to university for 2 years. During uni I basically partied way too much, ate anything I wanted and didn’t give a **** (as anyone going to uni would do). I put on quite a lot of weight. I didn’t notice it happening until I quit uni. I ended up quitting uni after 2 years because I didn’t like the course, so now I’ve a year ahead of me where I have a lot of free time.

Basically what I’m asking is; does anybody have any tips on someone getting back into the gym and healthy eating again? I always struggled with healthy eating, but I’m willing to give it a shot now.
I’m lazy as hell right now and really need some motivation to actually get up and hit the gym and putting the work in.

I think I’m demotivated right now because of the weight I’ve put on, and just because I didn’t have to worry about it for 2 years and now I do.. Weight-gain really being the major reason why I’ve lost motivation and having no motivation basically means I’m going to be useless when it comes to cooking meals, prepping meals and getting up and going to the gym..

Any tips?

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Long post, here i go:
Just started lifting again, after a couple of years off. Long story short i had bulked up to 185 and my lifts where 290 dead, 245 x5 squat (parallel, not ATG), and about 205 bench x2 i think, not touching chest (90b dumbbell press x4 max).
I had cut down and lost a Sh*tload of strength and mass, and become dysmorphic, so I called it off. Just got back in the game a couple of weeks ago. I’m at 165, and about the same strength, maybe a little less, after I had cut. I managed to get up 250 x1 on deadlift a couple of days ago. My squat sucks, at 180-185 i max out, and my back does most of the lift. I couldn’t get up 165 on bench, I think my max is about 155 (i did manage to get up 145 on incline bench, although with sh*t form), and for standing military i was able to do 95 x5, although i could’ve probably done another rep or two.
I know my lifts suck a**. My goals are 405 dead, 315 back squat, 225 bench. I’d also like to get to a bodyweight standing overhead military press, and 15 pull ups strict, all at my current weight. I hate counting calories and macros and prefer to just do cardio to burn off extra calories. I also despise lifting my heaviest on a cut, as I feel weak as sh*t. I’ve been cutting, hitting the gym weights for about 1-2 hours a day, and a minimum 1 hour cardio a day. I’m not going to be lifting my heaviest, at least on squats, but i’ll try to get my deadlift up, and my bench, as those haven’t been an issue, and try to maintain my current standing overhead military. I’m probably not gonna be consistent on the cut, and have days i eat more cause i’m just hungry, and probably just lift longer and harder on those days, probably doing the usual 1 hour cardio those days as well. I’ll probably cut to lowest 155 and hopefully maintain MOST of my current strength, then just try to build up strength from there eating a decent amount.

EDIT: also will be doing some hang cleans to press, or front squat, etc. here and there, I want to work on those types of lifts (olympic) as they are actually kind of exciting to me. Would also be interested in taking some classes to learn some new olympic style lifts. This is just a little side-note.

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Workout Schedule

Im 15 years old and only way 135 pounds. Every monday,Wednesday, and Friday I go to the gym and lift weights.

(5 sets 10 reps for everything) I do the flat bench press then flat dumbell press. After that i do bicep curls. Then i do shoulders. Later i do my back and abs.

Is doing 200-300 pushups through the day on tuesday and thursday over doing it?

Should i have seperate days for Triceps, Biceps, chest, abs, and stuff or is it okay to do it all in one day without over training?

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