I’m currently 17, and started seriously lifting back in February. I started off my lifting with wanting to drop fat and get cut. I managed to get down to about 10% BF and felt pretty good. Then I realized I wanted to gain strength. So up until around now I’ve been training for mass and strength. I gained about 12 pounds all together. And now I am looking to cut down again but not lose any muscle mass for basketball season. What is the Beary way to cut the extra fat while maintaining muscle mass, especially during a high school basketball season? Thanks! Forums – Losing Fat

Need advice

So i’m on the fence about my supplements. My wife hates that I spend money on them and seems to think they cause more issues because as she puts it "i’m putting a foreign substance into my body" I use a pre workout, amino acids, and protein shake. On top of that I take a multi vitamin, probiotic and every other day I take an iron pill. My wife seems to think that I can get all that through my food and not need the supplements but I don’t believe that I can. My diet is limited as I am a picky eater. I eat a lot of red meat and chicken but limited in veggies. I have been trying to get better and try new veggies and expand my eating. I have looked at my last 7 days of protein intake and its low from 77g to 189g. I was told by a friend who was a body builder and he recommended taking 20grams of bcaa and a gallon of water a day. After seeing some post it seems that many do not recommend using BCAA’s and just eating. I am using BSN Amino’s and i was using two scoops for a day which is pretty expensive. My issue that I find is I have a sensitive stomach and some days I seem to have a bad day with an upset stomach. I notice that a strong pre workout can upset my stomach and my wife seems to think its based on not using the supplements daily. The aminos and protein do not bother me so much as the pre workout and I have found a few that doesn’t bother me so much. My question is based on the info provided should I continue with supplements or should I be moving on without them? Forums – Supplements


Ok here’s some back story.

I’m 15 years old and I am living a quite unhealthy life. I mainly play video games and just sit around all day which is my problem and I can and will fix.

I’m a vegetarian because I have a bad experience with meats and fish before. I rarely eat vegtables, and I eat a moderate amount of fruits a day.

My main day of food includes
Breakfast: Frozen Ego Waffles
Lunch : Peanut Butter Sandwich, Apple, cookies
Dinner: Usually just pasta, then a bowl of ice cream.

After having blood tests because my parents were concerned that I wasn’t eating healthy, everything came back fine with no problems. I am a "healthy" teenage boy. I feel that I am very fat, I’m not anarexic nor do I have a problem with my body. I just feel I’m way to fat around my stomach arms and even my neck.

I’m a 5 ft 7in boy and I weigh 125lbs

I am now starting to go back to the gym again, after a 2 month break. I am mainly doing all muscle building exercises, and only cardio to ride my bike the .3 miles to the gym and back.

I need help with a good or better routine to help me loose the fat and gain muscle a little faster. I’m also quite interrested in body exercises if anyone has a good starting area to help me. Thanks Forums – Losing Fat

Billionaire (with a B, also verified claim) GOP Donor Wants Trump’s Head Checked…s-head-checked

Mike Fernandez has spent more than $ 4 million in the last four years supporting Republican candidates for national office. He gave $ 1 million to a super-PAC backing Mitt Romney in 2012 and more than $ 3 million to one supporting Jeb Bush’s presidential run this year. He also made a donation to help Scott Walker pay off his campaign debt and contributed to America Rising, a super-PAC set up by the GOP to attack Democrats. Of all the people who have donated money this election, he’s the 31st-biggest donor. And he wants someone to check Donald Trump’s head.

"As a Republican who has contributed millions of dollars to the party’s causes, I ask: Why has our party not sought a psychological evaluation of its nominee?" Fernandez writes in an op-ed published in the Miami Herald on Thursday.

Under the headline "I’m a Republican and I’m With Hillary Clinton," Fernandez attacks Trump as responsible for "a neverending spiral of vulgarity, intellectual dishonesty, invective, abuse, misogyny, racism, intolerance, bullying, ignorance and downright cruelty." Fernandez says he takes particular issue with the way Trump has implied that if he loses, it will be because Clinton cheated.

"This is insanity and dictatorial machinations at best," Fernandez writes.

Fernandez is not just a big donor on the national level. He’s also an important cog in the Cuban American political machine in Florida. Born in Cuba, Fernandez made more than $ 1 billion investing in a string of health insurance companies. He has been active in the policy debate on normalizing relations with the Castro regime and traveled with Barack Obama on the president’s trip to Havana earlier this year, but he’s hardly a friend of the president and has criticized Obamacare. Fernandez donated $ 1 million to a super-PAC backing Florida Gov. Rick Scott, who has endorsed Trump, and he chaired Scott’s fundraising effort. Over the last five years, he has donated at least $ 655,000 to the Florida Republican Party.

In his op-ed, Fernandez makes clear he is not a Democrat, just anti-Trump. He urges Florida Republicans to vote for Clinton but to select Republican candidates elsewhere on the ballot. Fernandez does have a history with Trump. Last December, Fernandez took out an ad in the Herald calling Trump a "#BULLYionaire" and comparing him to Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini (leading to an angry letter from Trump’s lawyer). In July, he attempted to buy an ad in the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, timed to coincide with the Republican National Convention, in which he compared Trump to a scorpion that could drown the party (a reference to an old animal fable). The paper said it would publish the ad only if Fernandez removed Trump’s name from it, which he declined to do. Forums

Guy born with health problem made a huge physical transformation

Hello, people! This it’s about my body transformation over time! I was born with cerebral paralysis. My main interests are fitness, tattoos and piercings. You may follow me on instagram and Facebook (links bellow) if you like and want to support my body transformation. I would like to be a motivation for anyone doubting of their fitness abilities. Thanks! Forums – Motivation

Will I end up flat chested?

Hi there,

I’m new here, I searched but couldn’t seem to find a post about this topic so I’m starting one.

Basically this week I take on the colossal challenge of working towards regaining my health (back problems). Starting around 99kg and I’m 5"6. I’ve done my research and I’m planning on becoming a fitness model.

The question I never thought I would be asking is… Will I end up being flat chested?

I’m like 36H and have seen posts about models/athletes deciding to have implants, I’m neither for or against.

Just want to find out other ladies experiences of this.

Thanks. Forums – Losing Fat

Trying to build mass on SCD.

Greetings, everyone!

I am trying to build muscle mass but because of my diet (I am on the SCD because of my Chron’s) it is difficult to build much mass. I was wondering how I could do to put on more muscle despite my diet restrictions. I can’t have wheat, gluten, or any kind of processed sugars. What should I do? Forums – Nutrition

Chicks at the Car Wash.

Just got back from the Car Wash. One of those new kinds where you drive through then they have the free vacuums to use.

Almost everytime, there is some hot bodied woman wearing gym clothes, tiny little short shorts or yoga pants, in one of the bays bending over vacuuming her car.

Today it was some young blonde, tanned hottie with her sweet ass spilling out of the tiniest little shorts while she was bent over vacuuming her Mercedes SUV.

I pulled in next to her to get a better view. We exchanged brief smiles, but being a respectable gentleman I didn’t leer or stare, didn’t want to be a creep or perv about it. Just snuck a glance every now and then.

Intentionally or not, she put on a show with her sweet ass is just sticking out on display. Then bending over showing nice cleavage.

It was so hot. I would rather see that then go to a strip club. Cheaper too.

That’s why I like living in Texas. All these hot Texas girls wearing next to nothing in the summer time.

You guys get this in your neck of the woods? Forums

Motivation wallpapers (Smartphone/Android/Iphone Friendly)

Hey guys, just wanted to contribute a few motivational wallpapers you can use on your iphone/android. These apply not only to bodybuilding, but to anything in life really. Enjoy

Will be updating the thread when I find more! Forums – Motivation