How do you get the energy to workout after work?

Hi there,

I’ve been trying to get myself motivated to workout, but I just cannot seem to do it.

By the time I get home after a long day of work it’s usually around 7pm. I then have to take my dog out for an hour so. By the time I’m back it’s 8pm and I’m hungry and tired. I do not have any energy at all to start working out.

I have thought about working out in the morning, but I’ve read in many places that it is not a good idea to workout with heavy weights in the morning and besides that, I wouldn’t be fuelled for a long workout.

How do you guys do it?! Really finding it difficult to begin working out.

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miserable/lack of energy. how do i loose weight?

I am 25 yr old male and I have always had weight issues.
I really want to lose weight but I’m always going through this sheer lack of energy. get tired really quickly and get hungry really quickly.

cant afford a trainer, dont have anyone to motivate me, in the end it all comes down to me.
I’m just so awkward, I never walked or run the normal way, I’m afraid of misusing equipment or lifting very littler weights . Gym is very intimidating place for me and in the past I’ve noticed people laugh at me for not lifting weights the ” right ” way. I just dont understand how rest of the world does it! I really dont!

Everyone at my gym is so perfect, efficient, fit, smart. I feel like Im the only clumsy miserable fat person there. Its hard!
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Preworkout Recommendation for energy and focus

I train for strength and i’m looking for a preworkout that is focused around energy (300-400mg caffeine) and focus.

No pump ingredients (CM, Nitrate, Agmatine – because I can’t fit into my work clothes after my workout) and Yohimbine.

The only thing I could think of was the new Alphamine without Y.

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