First time binge after a long cut

So basically for the last 13 months. I’ve gone down from ~232 lbs to about 167 lbs. made some decent noob gains in the process. I started to lean bulk in mid May 2016, but that only lasted 8 weeks, as I had a vacation to Orlando planned starting August 11, so I wanted to cut again starting July 11th to get as lean as possible before my vacation.

So since the start of July 2015, except for 8 weeks from May 2016-July 2016, I’ve been cutting for a long time

Due to it not being practical or easy to track my food while on vacation (eating out almost every meal, no healthy foods at theme parks, didn’t bring my food scale with me etc.) I told my self I was just gonna do my best and try to enjoy myself, but at the same time, not go crazy. During this vacation, which I don’t go back home until this Sunday the 21st, my self control is gone. Everytime we go out and eat, I clear my plate, then finish whatever my GF and little sister don’t finish. It’s bad. When I am back home and on my diet, I track everything, control my intake, and I find it rather easy. It’s just for some reason, this vacation, I’ve pretty much been forced to eat a lot of the foods I cut out from back home due to convenience (restaurants, fast food, processed foods etc.) and I am on what feels like an uncontrollable binge.

Has anyone ever experienced this, and would you say it’s normal given my situation?

If it helps, my cutting diet back home I would always be consistent with my daily caloric and macro goals. But in doing that, I would also still shy away from eating "dirty foods." I stuck to what is perceived to be a "clean" set of foods such as chicken breast, rice, broccoli, fruits, veggies etc. so i think that being around foods that I gave up has something to do with it

I’m scared to step on a scale when I get back to see what kind of damage has been done (was 168 before trip).

Any tips from people that have dealt with something similar would be appreciated. Thanks guys Forums – Nutrition

How Long should a first bulk last? Thanks

Hi Guys,

Started my first bulk after losing 66 pounds (222-156). Having never bulked (Well apart from being fat) before I wanted to ask how long my first bulk should last. I’m continuing to do F5 beginner program 3 times a week (so compounds plus some isolation work, abs, etc) plus a small amount of cardio for health but not a great deal.

I have taken all measurement (chest, arms, quads, neck, waist, etc), taken photos & logged my weight, calculated all marcos, cals, etc and will review after 1 month, and monthly there in depending on results.

Wanted to see if anyone could advise on a rough timeframe for my first bulk? I know I wont gain more than 1 pound of muscle a month if not less and would expect some fat gain. I will be doing a clean, lean bulk if there is such a thing so small surplus and good quality P, C and F.

My thoughts are 6 months until say Feb/Mar 17 or until I dont like what I see in the mirror but all thoughts appreciated.

Thanks all 🙂 Forums – Losing Fat